The Heist - "Is she dea-yep. She's dead."

Claire, Aubyni, and Thaeril enjoyed an late breakfast, but the sounds of a peddler with a music box yelling his magic items grabbed their attention. While Percy left to court his paramour, Elaine, the group went to see the various wares being sold.

While his goods were amusing, the group realized he had useless trinkets with enchantments, sold under names that were plays on words. Aubyni purchased a coin of indecision, while Claire sold spectacles that simply made everyone appear to have blue eyes. As they went back inside, Thaeril noticed a naked man running from the bathhouse near the Manse. Yelling for the party members, they soon saw many fleeing users of the bathhouse in various states of undress, all screaming about how the water was alive. A soapy water elemental grumpily poured out of the house and engulfed a guard, but a quick moonbeam spell from Thaeril sent the creature scurrying into the sewers.

Aubyni and Thaeril returned home to hear Percy and Lamari had been invited to a party in Turkleston at the castle of Lord Biff Shallingsworth. Gilroy informed Claire of a job he would like her to undertake for the Eight-Eyed Guild, stealing a book from Shallingsworth’s sanctum. Claire recruited the party, who agreed to the task once learning of Shallingsworth’s suspected slave trading and that fancy dresses would be involved.

Procuring fine garments and needed tools, the group traveled to Turkleston, foiling an attempted robbery thanks to Aubyni’s smooth words and an offer of three gold pieces. Soon after arriving, they went to the castle, slipping their bag of holding into a cart of supplies and entering the party. After getting into the castle, each used their skills to slip away unnoticed. Claire sneaked past a guard, stealing clothes from a poor serving girl, and leaving her unconscious body in a barrel. Aubyni flirted her way to a tour of the grounds, and suggested the guard depart. Thaeril simply changed shape in the privy and flew out a ventilation hole in the wall.

The three reunited outside the walls surrounding the inner garden and Shallingsworth’s tower. Once Aubyni remembered she had wings, the group flew to the top of the wall, and flitted in through the openings at the top of the tower. However, Claire felt a warmth on her skin as they entered. Theril’s spell of finding traps rang positive, and a sending spell from Lamari let the crew know the host was on his way. Checking the openings, they had been sealed with a wall of force. Distressed they were, but each person in the room was also entranced by an item. Claire with the book to steal, Aubyni with a set of paints, and Thaeril with a staff that loudly demanded to be picked up and removed from a wall mount. Lyfecall bonded with Thaeril instantly, a rod of reincarnation seeking release.

Aubyni painted a human hole on the wall, and shockingly enough, a hole appeared in the tower. She and Claire left with their goods, escaping to the garden wall as Shallingsworth entered his garden. The two party members scampered down to the castle grounds and began painting a new hole in the wall to escape. Thaeril shapeshifted and attempted to flee as well, but her delay while speaking with the rod let Shallingsworth fire a lightning bolt at her small body. Unable to hold her hummingbird form, the elf plummeted to the ground, landing on her neck and dying instantly.

The Rod yelling at them to take her body, they stuffed Thaeril in the bag of holding and returned to town, avoiding any scrutiny. The rod explained it’s powers of reincarnation, and the two agreed they should try to revive their companion, if only to quiet the rod that was happy to have a chance to be used. In the morning, they set out for the woods, Aubyni using the power of the Halo of Ehlonna to enrich the ground and enhance the spell. Preparing a circle to use the rod despite their lack of divine magic, roots and brambles began to engulf Thaeril’s body as she became suffused with light. The elven body shifted through many forms, but the earth holding Thaeril began to rot and decay. Her body took on fiercer and larger characteristics, ridges and claws against fangs and wings. Her skin grew black, then purple, eyes shifting to reptillian slits. The body molded into a draconic silhouette for but a moment, and a flash of light returned the wood elf to her familar form. Her eyes however, remained changed. Lyfecall expressed woe and worry, unknowing of Thaeril’s extended years in the Shadowfell that twisted the spell. Their ally was alive again however, which was a cause for celebration.

The morning needed another dose of weird, though. Feeling a prod on her legs, Aubyni saw the strangest of sights for a forest far from the coast – a familiar fiddler crab. Picking the tiny creature up, she recognized Roger, her mother’s faithful companion, who asked for the halo for Sevi. Aubyni placed the halo around the crab, where it shrank and floated above the tiny lady crustacean. Roger’s body floated into the sky, where a lyre was conjured as thanks for keeping the artifact safe for Sevi. Intoning the name Rahlentorzma, a large dragon turtle island Claire and Thaeril explored long ago with Thaeril, the crab flew away, her wings of light the last sight for the confused, mostly-elven ladies.

The Heist - "Is she dea-yep. She's dead."

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