Steward of the Manse


NPC: Human

Gilroy’s exact stats are unknown to the party, but after doing battle with him, the party believes he is a multi-disciplined warrior, with studies as a monk, rogue, and fighter. At the current time, he appears to be a middle aged man.


First Age:

Originally introduced just as the dutiful steward of the manse in Kramplin, Gilroy eventually revealed himself to be a member of the criminal guild that operates out of Kramplin and throughout Olsea. His expressed personality is different depending on his role – as a steward, he is dutiful, mostly polite, helpful, and speaks quite formally. However, when acting as a member of the Eight-Eyed, he is crass and disrespectful, openly speaking down to the party. He sees no contradictions in how he behaves toward them in his different roles.

Second Age:

Gilroy’s position in the Eight-Eyed Guild appears to be that of a trusted aide and warrior, normally standing at the right side of the Spider. It’s unknown if his position has always been so high, or if this occurred in the 37 years since he was met by the original party.

it is known that he speaks Common and Deep Speech, and he’s made it known that he is gay. His personalities are less distinct; most likely to do with his growing more familiar with Percy and Lamari as they have mostly remained in Kramplin with him and accepted the relationship in exchange for the free house.


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